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AHHA aims to make Azerbaijan the place where people don’t have to die unanticipated death from cardiovascular disease. We will accomplish our vision through fundamental prevention activities which will bring awareness in local citizens and ensuring quality medical care.
AHHA is one of the leading associations in Azerbaijan which organizes seminars and symposiums within the country with the expectation in improving coordination and providing a forum for medical professionals to develop the clinical and research field in Azerbaijan. AHHA also invites international medical professionals to participate in seminars and share clinical experience in order to guide domestic professionals and internationalize the medical level of the country.
AHHA is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, established in September 2005, and is registered with the Justice Ministry of Azerbaijan Republic. In its inception it was named as Cardiovascular Surgeries Association and was started by two medical professionals aiming to contribute for the development of cardiovascular medicine via research into causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Since the association was established we have successfully held several national and international level conferences within the country. In August 2011, in order to broaden the scope of the association by including other professionals involved in cardiovascular medicine, the board members agreed to change the name into Azerbaijan Heart and Health Association. The members of AHHA are voluntarily united with common interests and are governed by a board of directors who execute the direction for the association.  The president of the association manages and organizes AHHA, establishing the equality of rights of its members.


  • Represent Azerbaijan nationally and internationally in the field of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Contribute to the development of medical science in the area of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Promote the scientific research in the field of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Explore the existing cardiovascular problems and their causes in Azerbaijan;
  • Promote the implementation of guidelines and set standards in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Azerbaijan;
  • Develop the communication between professionals dealing with the cardiovascular diseases;
  • Carry out the cardiovascular scientific events in the country and take part in such international events;
  • Boost the carrier development of individuals including clinical professionals, scientific-pedagogical personnel and medical students, involved in cardiovascular field by supporting in sending them abroad in order to advance their clinical skill and obtain higher qualification;
  • Take measures to improve the socioeconomic situation and to protect the rights and interests of the members of the association;
  • Implement joint venture programs with domestic and international medical organizations;
  • Carry out awareness-raising and educational activities focusing on prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Support and guide the cardiovascular scientific research through the Azerbaijan Heart Journal, hence, creating the opportunity of knowledge exchange between the professionals in cardiovascular medicine;
  • Provision of medical care for lower-income patients;
  • Help solving the social problems and organizing of workplaces for disabled people and martyrs' family members;
  • Engage with charitable campaigns.


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